Monday, September 26, 2011


Today marks the 3rd week of being on my own. There is this indescribable pain and emptiness in my heart that I think only people who went through the same experience will understand.

My sister once told me that there is a Christian singer who lost her husband at such a young age. So I googled and found her. Her name is Tammy Trent. Below is an interview she recently had with TBN. When I watched the video, tears just came down unstoppable. Her experience was exactly the same!  GOD was there all along ....

"I've been practicing for this moment my whole life. I said, GOD HELP ME! 
I don't even know what to pray, I don't know what to feel, but I need help. 
And I felt RESCUED, even at the moment when NOTHING made sense to my life, 
I GENUINELY felt the PRESENCE of GOD in my life."

"I learn to trust God at the worst moment of my life 
because He never changes eventhough my life has changed" 

-Tammy Trent

God, I know you see this girl and I know you see this hand ....
I know I will always have a HOPE even in the darkest time of my life.
You are ALWAYS there for me. 
Thank you Father for loving me. 

For His Glory~

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