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In the Dark

Entering the fourth week

Here in Indonesia, shelter-in-place order began on March 15th. It all started when the Ministry of Education made the decision to stop all on-campus school activities and the Government made a statement to cancel all large gatherings, including any religious activity. In 24 hours each one of us was forced to make quick and hard decisions for the family, the business, the church, the community, the city, the country. Suddenly, we, adults, were required to suck it up, toughen up, and be the big person in wherever we were, in any roles we were in.

My first two weeks of shelter-in-place was beyond words. The fear of being in a spinning upside-down-world with no control was bigger than the fear of getting infected by the virus.

As you all know, my world consists of family, work, and ministry.

On the first day
The family was safe and secure. The young and the old were placed on a full stay-at-home order, thank God, they did not mind at all. My daughter who is curre…

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