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In the Face of Impossibilities

Have you ever heard a girl named Mary?  When she was about 14 years old, an angel appeared before her and told her that she is favored by God Himself and she is going to be pregnant with the Son of God.  2000 years later, most of us wish we were Mary and had the honor to be the Mother of Jesus. We've known Mary as a noble woman, chosen by God Himself to carry out an ultimate plan to save humanity. Mary was included in a grand plan that took millions of years in the making. She was in God's mind all along.  I wonder what Mary thought of that night?  She must be in shock  Maybe she was shaking  Was she overwhelmed with fear?  Did she think that her life was over?  "Should I tell my parents about the angel?"  "What would people say if they knew I am pregnant?"  "Was it really an angel or am I getting crazy?"  "What would Joseph think?"   Suddenly, out of the blue,  It seemed like  Her future was altered  Her world was turned upside down  Her

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