Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Time to See

A few weeks ago, the world captured a brand new Cinderella Story. This time, her name is Olajumoke Orisaguna from the land of Nigeria.

Source: TY Bello

TY Bello, a world-known Nigerian photographer, had come across Olajumoke by accident. She was having a photo shoot with an international hip hop star Tinie Tempah when Olajumoke, walked into the frame with a tray of Agege bread on her head.

Olajumoke had trained as a hair stylist, got married but had to leave her husband and a daughter back home in Ire, Osun state, to make a living in Lagos as a bread seller. Her life as a bread seller in Lagos is easily imaginable: exposure to the elements, to sundry abuse, including the possibility of being raped by unruly artisans and bachelors, who will offer to buy bread and something else along with it, if the hawker is willing. (source:

It was Olajumoke's reality until that day when she accidentally photobombed TY Bello's photo shoot for the famous star. Her life was forever changed. Today, she is a model and her story has appeared all over the world, inspiring millions of people.

When I heard this story, I was not surprised at all. I know who TY Bello is and for her "random act of kindness" to be published all over the world, I can say, it's time.

I met TY Bello back in 2014. It wasn't by accident that God placed us together. For a week, God gave me a chance to know her for His purpose to change the course of my life. Aside from being a world-known singer, songwriter, photographer, and philanthropist, TY Bello is simply a humble daughter of the King. Through stories that we shared together, I could see how much love she has received from God and she has for others.

TY Bello has the ability to see people beyond what others can see. I believe it was a split-second decision she made that day to include Olajumoke in the frame. She was being fully aware and quick to see a bread-seller with miss-matched outfit as someone valuable rather than a distraction. She saw something more ...

Through love, she saw a life.
Through an open heart, she saw a beautiful soul.
Through an open arm, she saw a future.

Though Faith, she could see

Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see 
-William Newton Clarke

TY Bello's faith inspires me. I realize how much I have missed numerous opportunities to see others simply because I was too occupied with myself, my business, my time, my battle, and my life.

The time when I could've given a smile to a stranger instead of scrolling down the Instagram feed.
The time when I could've said something to a sad-looking cashier instead of speeding through the check out line.
The time when I could've helped a mother with her three young children carrying the groceries instead of hurrying in the parking lot.
The time when I could've taken a few minutes to ask how a co-worker's day has been instead of running straight to the meeting room.
The time when I could've recognized a beautiful soul instead of worrying too much about my situation.

Friends, I am also aware that some of you might say "I am in need to be seen, how could I see others? I want you to know that your Father in Heaven sees you and nothing is hidden from Him. Trust Him enough that He is working things behind the scene for you. Now is the time to see beyond ourselves and be the miracle that someone is waiting for. Let's find more Olajumoke.

The time to see is now. 

For His Glory~

For TY: Thank you for seeing others. I am forever grateful for you. 

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