Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Letter to my 28-year-old Girlfriend

Dear you,

Hi beautiful! In a few years you will enter the big Three. Your twenties have been full of adventure; the safe and dangerous ones. I just want you to know that I am proud of you and your journey. Oh, how sometimes I wish I was still 28 just like you.

In you, I see bravery to dream big and turn it into a reality. I see courage to take opportunities beyond your capacities. I see freedom to choose any epic adventures. I see enthusiasm to live everyday in this thing called life. Oh, how unstoppable you are, I wish I was still 28 just like you.

In you, I also see a longing for something more. I can see behind those laughters and smiles you wish to have someone to share life’s highs and lows, someone to sit next to when it’s raining outside, someone to tell silly jokes at, someone to share stories and dreams with, someone who pursues, loves, accepts, and supports you. I surely know how it feels. I was 28 once.

Daydreaming is surely fun but it can also be draining when you start to worry and question yourself (and God).

Beautiful, I want you not to worry and spend any more days searching and waiting. Trust me, dear, that day will come, maybe soon, who knows? But in the meantime, I need you to be content and grateful for being you, the one you, the single you.

The season you are in now is a season of being loved, being prepared and being developed. For me, the best season of life is when you know you are not alone but deeply loved by the One who knows you best. Trust me, when you are ready and he is ready, both of you will meet and click just like two puzzle pieces put together.

Beautiful, let share a little bit about that something more you've been waiting for. Relationship is a hard work therefore in your relationship you must find peace and contentment, not because of the things seen (look, career, money, skills, achievements, callings) but because both of you have been tucking your hearts deep in God’s heart. Both of you have been pursuing God and now as you are pursuing each other, it seems like everything just fall into places. I am not saying that both of you will be perfect but you will reflect the person of Jesus, the One you have been pursuing all your life before meeting each other.

Beautiful, I want you to hold your standard high regardless what the world is trying to talk you out into. You are a princess and the King has prepared a prince for you. Don’t settle just because the number on the candles you blow every years is increasing. Don’t settle just because your Instagram feed is filled with pictures of your high school friend’s engagement ring, your co-worker’s wedding pictures, your cousin’s honeymoon, your neighbor’s new baby. Don’t settle just because you feel pressured to please anyone. Just don’t settle.

You have to always remember that Jesus decided to take the hard road, to carry the cross, to be beaten up, to be hang on that cross so that you will have life and life in abundance. You are a princess who deserves to be treated right and never to be abused emotionally and physically. And the same thing goes for your future prince. Both of you deserve to be treated with dignity.

Beautiful, in your current season, don’t be afraid to walk alone because you are actually never alone. Your Father, the Immanuel, is always with you. There are days when you’d feel lonely and wish for that glorious day to come sooner, but I need you to trust your Father. Because Father knows best. He knows exactly when both of you are ready. He knows the exact time to bring the puzzle pieces together. He knows the perfect time and season when the world needs your joined force.

So beautiful, in the meantime, stay at rest, stay secured, stay content, and be full of joy.
Princess, your Father knows best. Enjoy your 28!

With love,

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