When You Have Nothing Left

June 15th, 2011. Eight years ago, I found myself in a space that felt like I had nothing left to give thanks. I was robbed by death. Everything was taken away, taken apart, and what left was a deep dark hole in my heart, in my soul, in my eyes, and even worse, in my children.

Nothing good was left. Everything was gone in a split second. My husband died and they became fatherless. The last worst thing I could possibly imagine.

My heart broke every time I locked eyes with my children. I found myself in a space that felt like I had nothing left to give thanks. “God, You know how precious they are to me”.

“Daughter, look at them, there is hope” 

Our lives have not been easy in the past eight years. But again, there is no such thing as an easy life. Many times, we were required to stretch ourselves to the point where we felt like we’re at the end of our rope. But God, always here, always there, with us. He turned mourning into dancing. He turned sad songs to love songs. He turned dark nights into sunrise. He covered the hole with Grace.

June 2019, we are here and no longer hopeless. I find the reasons to give thanks. When I see my children’s eyes, they are the reasons to give thanks. When I hear them asking for help, I know the future is still intact. When they come to me for advice & comfort, I know the dream is not completely shattered. When I remember them, I remember that God is always good no matter what.

Friends, there might be days when you have nothing left to give thanks, and it’s okay to feel that way. But please don’t stay there too long. Look back and try to find just one thing that God has done in your life. It can be a good little start.

Friends, hope is still around. You’ll find it again, soon enough.



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