About Me

Hello! I'm Felecia 

I am a mom and an entrepreneur. I grew up in Indonesia with my wonderful parents and 2 younger siblings. Being born to devoted Christian parents, I've known Jesus since my first breath but didn't really start loving Jesus with all of me until I was 18. The story behind how Jesus pursued me is really special.

The real adventure began in 1997, when my parents sent me to US to study at California State University. Since my first step in Fresno, CA, I knew deep in my heart that it would be a longer stay rather than a short one. I quickly plugged myself in a church, giving my time for ministry and study. And God gave me the opportunity to meet my better half, DJW, got married in 1999, then blessed with three beautiful children, Alysea, Ashley, and Carson.

Graduated with Bachelor of Science in Child Development, I was fully "equipped" to be a mom, LOL! Even though my heart was filled with dreams to be pursued, I decided to stay home raising my children. During those time, I discovered who my God really is through life experience & challenges. His pursuing love changed me from the inside out and give me a permission to know and trust Him even more.

On June 15th, 2011, God called my beloved husband of 12 years home. My world was shaken. My heart was broken. My dreams were shattered into pieces. There are days when I just can't hold my tears and times when I laugh and cry at the same time. But ....

God was there. God is here and will always be. 

When I entered this cruel journey of grief, I knew God was there. I started this blog as a place to pour out my heart, to share my story with people who is going through grief and brokenness, and to declare that healing only comes from Jesus Himself.

I am in awe at how God divinely arranged my life. His tangible Faithfulness is proven by giving me such a loving and supportive family and friends. They go extra miles to make sure that the children and I are well taken care of. I am forever grateful. By His grace alone, I am here today. The journey ahead is still long but I believe it will be beautiful.

I am glad that you've stopped by, to connect with you is one of His gifts for me. Please make yourself comfortable and join me in this journey.
Jesus' Love is for you today. 


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