Single mom's Greatest Fear

Friends, what’s your greatest fear?

As a single mom, one of my greatest fears is being/providing/giving “not-enough” for my children. Not enough because there is only one parent where there’s supposed to be two. Not enough because I believe each child deserves to be raised by both a father and a mother figure. I fear they would grow up with holes in their hearts. I fear they would be adults with a limp because how far a single mom could go? 

Last year I had to face one of my biggest fears. As my daughter entered adulthood, I was required to release her into the real world which means she has to be away from my sight and arms. I have prepared myself long for the moment but how ready could you be for something as big as watching your baby walk into her own big world? 

but GOD

That night in LAX, God was there. The strength, the courage, the grace I needed to bid farewell at the airport, to walk through the gate and entrust His daughter into His mighty and loving providence while I would be living thousands of miles away.  

Yes, we struggled during the transition and adjustment period. We miss each other so much. When the pandemic strike, we had a long road to figure out what to do. 

but GOD

He always comes through. 

I have seen how my daughter has been captured by His love. 

I have heard her own story of walking with the Lord in the midst of pressure & uncertainty. 

I have heard her own story of seeing her reflection and finding herself in God. 

Stories that are not only told by me but also by her which one day will be told to her children and generations to come. 

So what happened to my greatest fear? It was not real. It was not true. God has showed me things beyond my fear. 

Yes, my children will have to live with holes, but holes that only God can fill. Yes, a single mama could only go so far but when God is her husband, He will do exceedingly abundantly above all that a single mama can ask or think. 

So, my fellow single moms, don’t fear! Your maker is your husband. Isaiah 54:5

With love,



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